Lease Document Package 2 (Support)



This package includes all supporting documents and forms that enable you to take full advantage of the lease (Lease Document Package 1) and hit the ground running.

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Lease Document Package 2 – Supporting Forms and Documents:
This package includes all supporting documents and forms that enable you to take full advantage of the lease (in the Lease Document Package 1) and hit the ground running. It would take a year or more to try and get all the forms and documents lined up, tested, and ready to use so we give them to you in one fully editable package.

The forms and documents included in this package are:

  1. Depreciation Schedule
    There are some items that when destroyed, damaged, or missing should be depreciated. In other words, the full cost of the repair or replacement would not be demanded from the tenant. This form is a calculator to assist the property manager in determining a fair amount to charge for damages.
  2. Lease Interview Checklist
    This is a checklist for use by a property manager during the lease interview and signing to ensure that all of the key points have been touched upon.
  3. Tenant Home Maintenance Guide
    This guide provides tenants with preventative maintenance information and guidance on operator maintenance for home systems and appliances. Here the tenants will also find useful information about how to prevent safety hazards as well as ways you can conserve utilities to help save money.
    This is not a directive. It is provided merely as a service to assist tenants in their stay.
  4. Multi-Family Rules (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    This document requires the tenants to acknowledge the special considerations that neighbors must pay one another while living in multi-family units.
  5. Renter Checklist
    This is a property manager oriented checklist to assist the property manager at each step of the leasing process. It covers the following stages of the process:

    • Initial Meeting Stage
    • Application Stage
    • Application Approval/Denial Stage
    • Lease Signing Stage
    • Occupancy Date Stage
    • Back At the Office Stage
  6. Roommate Contract (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    The purpose of this contract is to establish policy and rules to address the domestic relationship as dwelling roommates. It is a form fill document that the tenants can easily negotiate. We use this to minimize confusion for the property manager and help the roommate understand their duties to one another.
  7. Rent Payment Options (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    This is a form letter that explains to the tenants the different methods of paying rent and explains the pros and cons of each method.
  8. Move-in / Move-out Inventory Form
    This form is used to record property condition findings at the move-in and move-out inventory.
  9. What is Ordinary Wear and Tear? (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    This is a blog-style article intended to define ordinary wear and tear. Property managers talk about this all the time, but it is rarely purposefully defined. Both investors and tenants really need to understand how the standard is defined.
  10. Pool/ Hot Tub Addendum (Tenant)
    (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    This exhibit informs and obligates the tenant to certain additional responsibilities they assume when renting a property that has a pool or hot tub.
  11. Septic Tank Acknowledgement Addendum (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    This form explains to the tenant how to properly maintain a septic tank. It also serves the second purpose of getting the tenants acknowledgment that the property is on a septic tank.
  12. Tenant Home Purchase Program (Also found in the Tenant Handbook)
    This is an optional plan that helps a tenant prepare for purchasing the home.
  13. Termination and Release Agreement
    This form is used to release a tenant applicant from a reservation agreement. It discusses the forfeiture or release of the reservation deposit.
  14. Reservation Agreement
    To reserve the lease on a property for a tenant.
  15. Tenant Application Processing Documents
    • Application Approval and Reservation Agreement
    • Application Blank Form
    • Application Qualification Matrix
    • Employment Verification
    • HUD Criminal History Guidelines
    • Notification of Application Denial
    • Owner Exception Authorization
    • Qualification Criteria
    • Reservation Agreement for Online Verification
    • Reservation Agreement
    • Residential History Verification
    • Tenant Qualification Philosophy
  16. Tenant Letters
    This is a collection of various letters used to communicate certain messages and official notifications to the tenants. All you need to do is copy and paste onto your company letterhead and fill in the blanks to customize it to your purpose. The package includes the following letters:

    • Assignment of New Property Manager
    • Assumption of Lease Letter
    • At will 60 Day Notification
    • Breach of Contract
    • Chargeback Notification Letter
    • Early Lease Termination by Landlord
    • Eviction Guidance Memorandum
    • Notice of Intent to Eviction
    • Lease Assumption Letter
    • Lease Reinstatement Agreement
    • Lease Renewal Letter
    • Lease Renewal Letter Rent Increase Letter
    • Lease Termination Acknowledgement
    • Move-Out Checklist with Tenant not Presen
    • Move-Out Letter
    • Lease Non-Renewal Letter
    • Notification of Default
    • Notification of Impending Lease Anniversary
    • NSF Letter Civil Action
    • Post Move-Out Inventory Letter
    • Security Deposit Dispute on Move-Out Letter
    • Security Deposit Dispute Settlement
    • Strict Compliance Notification
    • Transition Welcome Letter

Every document comes fully editable and instructor notes are included where appropriate. It takes only a few keystrokes to customize the original to your model and you’re up and running.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the last two decades to perfect and revise these documents. They have saved us countless lawsuits and disputes with tenants.

For the BEST DEAL we have to offer, you can buy the Lease Document Package 1 and the Lease Document Package 2 (Support), including the Tenant Handbook as a Bundle for a reduced price here.

Going through your learning curves on your own comes at a price unless you acquire these documents and put them to work in your business. From the day you start using this lease you’ll be years ahead of your competition and making a lot more money.

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Forms and documents are Mac and PC compatible. Files are in Microsoft Word format for easy editing. If you cannot work with Word files, let us know and we will send you a format that works with what you have.

All forms and documents are fully editable.

All forms and documents are download only.

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