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As a professional property manager, the Tenant Handbook is one of the most important building blocks to your business. There are at least three important reasons you need a Tenant Handbook…

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As a professional property manager, the Tenant Handbook is one of the most important building blocks of your business. There are at least three important reasons you need a Tenant Handbook…

First, creating it (or customizing ours) forces you to put in writing exactly how you intend to manage every common situation with your tenants. In building your handbook you’ll have to sit for a while and articulate in detail many of the processes you go through every day. Knowing how you do something is one thing; typing it out in a coherent, organized and precise way is quite another. This document will give you a big head start on this project because we’ve laid it out for you and given you the ability to tweak it to your model rather than starting from scratch.

Secondly, the Tenant Handbook gives your tenants a document to review before they call you with all their questions. We all wince at the time we spend on the phone answering the same questions over and over but don’t have the time to write out the answer. You’ve thought many times why you just don’t record your conversations and play it the next time a tenant asks the same question. But of course you don’t have the time to do all that recording. A well-structured Tenant Handbook gives your tenant the answer to most of their questions so they don’t have to eat up your time asking. This will save you and your staff more time than you can imagine. And the more tenants you have, the more time it will save you.

Lastly, the Tenant Handbook holds your staff accountable to answering the question the same way every time and forces your staff to give the right answer, not make one up. Tenants get frustrated when they get different answers from different people and may complain that no one knows what they’re doing at your company. When it’s all in print, it forces you and your staff to give the same answer every time. It improves communication and decreases conflict.

A Tenant Handbook evolves over time as you grow and learn more about the business. Most property management processes are the same regardless of the part of the country you’re in. We all do rent collection pretty much the same way. Maintenance procedures, move outs, security deposit management and application processing is done about the same in every company. So, a generic Tenant Handbook, if built with a national mindset, can be tweaked easily to adapt to any company, and that’s what we’ve done in this document.

Before we shaped this handbook, we borrowed handbooks from top managers across the country, made up a master list of topics to cover, added our 20+ years of experience and rolled it into one impressive handbook. There are 33 pages with 31 topics covered with details on how many aspects of the business are handled. These pages articulate the details of the process you go through starting with rent payment options (you won’t give them the handbook until they’ve moved in) through the move out process with common move-out charges and a roommate contract.

This Tenant handbook includes topics like this:

  • Rent Payment Options
  • Utility Agreement
  • Property Visit Policy
  • Pet Policy
  • Re-key Option and Fee
  • Fair Housing Disclosure
  • HVAC Filters and Smoke Detectors
  • Military Residents
  • Dependent Children
  • Location of Trust Funds Notification
  • Operation of Your Lease
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Septic Tank
  • Multi-family Rules
  • Swimming Pool/Hot Tub
  • Roommates
  • Bed Bugs
  • Homeowner Association Release
  • Ordinary Wear and Tear
  • Tenant Home Purchase Program
  • Privacy Policy
  • Maintenance
  • Landlord and your Responsibilities
  • Emergency Vendors
  • Move-Out Coordination and Guidelines
  • Common Move-Out Charges
  • Roommate Contract

And Much More…

  ** The Tenant Handbook is Part of our Lease Document Package 1

In your effort to inform your tenants on all the important topics, we also recommend a Current Resident / Tenant web page off of your main company web site that can be used as a behind-the-scenes web page (or just an outline) that addresses even more topics you might want to keep in front of your tenants. The idea is that the more fully developed you look as a professional manager, the more respect and attention you’ll get from your residents.

Our Tenant Handbook is not a PDF document but an editable word document ready for your revisions. It is part of the whole package of topics you need to help your tenants see how you intend to respond to every situation.

The cost of this handbook is much less than the cost of one hour of time with a decent attorney. Just the new revenue streams you’ll discover in this document will make it worth the money you’ll spend and time you’ll save.

Good Luck as you build your Tenant Handbook

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Our Tenant Handbook is applicable to ALL states in the U.S. as well as many countries.

Forms and documents are Mac and PC compatible and even mobile compatible. Files are in Microsoft Word format for easy editing. If you cannot work with Word files, let us know and we will send you a format that works with what you have.

All forms and documents are fully editable.

All forms and documents are download only.

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