Professional Property Management

I. Management Agreement and Owner Sign-up

The two foundational elements of the property management business are the management agreement and the lease. Get these right and your processes become smoother, your stress levels go down, and you start making more money.

II. Lease and housekeeping documents and forms

The second cornerstone of the management business is the lease. Get this right by protecting yourself first, managing the tenant closely, and making lots of money.

  • Lease Document Package 1
    This lease and associated documents are the result of all the experience we have had with over 20,000 tenants over the last 20 years. Tried and tested documents that will put your business on the right foundation and on the right path.
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  • Lease Document Package 2 (Support)
    This package includes all supporting documents and forms that enable you to take full advantage of the lease (Lease Document Package 1) and hit the ground running.
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  • Tenant Handbook
    As a professional property manager, the Tenant Handbook is one of the most important building blocks to your business. There are at least three important reasons you need a Tenant Handbook.
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  • Application Processing Documents
    To operate your business at its peak level, your management processes have to be efficient. Great systems will get you there and this is one such system we use in our business. Qualifying Tenants and moving them through the process efficiently helps determine our success now and down the road.
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  • Tenant Related Letters
    During the course of a lease, there’s typically lots of communication between the tenant and the management company. As a manager, you’ve probably figured out by now that most of the communication gets rehashed over and over as well as the fact that most of the communication needs to be documented. We’ve spent years crafting our own letters for all of this mainly routine communication. Items like lease renewals, chargeback notifications, security deposit disputes, welcome letters, and more.
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  • *** BUY ALL 5 Packages above and Save $228
    Lease Document Package 1 & 2 BUNDLE + Tenant Handbook + Application Processing Documents + Tenant Related Letters

    All the documents and forms you need for leases are included in these five specially-priced packages. The Lease Document Package 1 AND the Lease Document Package 2, plus the Tenant Handbook, plus the Application Processing Documents, plus the Tenant Related Letters are all included.
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III. Other Document and Forms Packages

Even though the Management Agreement and Lease are the cornerstones of property management, there are many other things you can do to keep your company out of trouble and become more profitable. Here are a few:

  • Lease Without Management
    This lease and associated documents are the result of all the experience we have had with owners wanting to manage their own properties. There are plenty of owners wanting to manage themselves, so why not give them what they need and earn some extra money in the process.
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  • Employee Handbook
    If you are trying to grow your business, then you will need to hire people to help you manage the chaos and to cash in on all the revenue streams that a larger business benefits from. You can’t do it all alone, and you probably don’t want to. Whether you hire full-time, part-time, or commissioned licensed agents, you will need to be thorough and consistent with getting them started on the right foot and armed with the information they need to do their job well. Enter the Employee Handbook.
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IV. Ebooks

Selling to Sellers and Buyers: The Real Estate Consultant’s Handbook
This is an honest rendition of what it feels, looks, and tastes like to be a real estate sales consultant. There is no sugar coating, no pomp and circumstance—just the raw, unceremonious truth.
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